Effects Of Consolidation Lands

Effects Of Consolidation Lands These effects will be ‘divided into economic, social and political effects. They are discussed below. Economic Effects of Consolidation of Holdings We have told above that subdivision and fragmentation of holdings have led to create so … Continue reading

Modern Theory Of Rent

The modern economists like Pareto, Mrs. Joan Robinson, Boulding, Stigler, Shepherd, have tried to simplify and generalize the Ricardian theory of rent, According to them, the Ricardian theory of rent is too closely related to land. This creates on impression … Continue reading

Problems Of Green Revolution

The Green Revolution have been a unique event in the agricultural history of independent India, as it has saved the country from the disasters of hunger, starvation and also made Indian peasant more confident than ever before. Ever since its … Continue reading


INTERNATIONAL FINANCE CORPORATION: IFC fosters sustainable economic growth in developing countries by financing private sector investment, mobilizing capital in the international financial markets, and providing advisory services to businesses and governments. IFC directly participates in the private investment of the … Continue reading

The New Growth Theory

The traditional neo-classical growth theory stressed upon foreign inflow of capital to meet the saving gap in UDCs. But practically, such all led to ‘Debt crises’ in Latin American and African countries etc. during 1980’s and 1990’s. In such situation … Continue reading

Objectives Of Land Reforms Of 1972, 1977

Objectives Of Land Reforms Of 1972, 1977 To check the concentration of lands’ in a few hands or make the equitable distribution of land among the cultivators. To improve the social environment in the villages. To formulate new principles regarding … Continue reading

Salient Features Of Land Reforms Of 1972

Salient Features Of Land Reforms Of 1972 Z.A. Bhutto came into power in December 1971, after the fall of East Pakistan. He wanted to bring structural changes in the economy. Accordingly, he introduced land reforms in March 1972. The ceiling … Continue reading

Trade Liberalization, its Implications and Distribution of its Gains

The removal or reduction of restrictions or barriers on the free exchange of goods between nations. This includes the removal or reduction of both tariff (duties and surcharges) and non-tariff obstacles (like licensing rules, quotas and other requirements). The easing … Continue reading

Employment Effects of Technology

Employment Effects of Technology Immediately, the mechanical technology displaces workers. Less farm workers will be needed. However, new types of farm workers, i.e., drivers of tractors or repairmen of machines, harvesters, threshers, tube-well operators, sprayers, electricians, etc. will be needed. … Continue reading

Redistribution Effects of Technology

Redistribution Effects of Technology These effects come through the impact of technology on production, marketable surpluses, employment, income, saving and capital formation with different groups. The improved technology can increase the distortions in the income and wealth distribution if the … Continue reading

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